In a world where animals are equal to man.

Every living creature crawling this Earth is alive with an inherent life force that includes a unique way of intelligence and skillset. We humans are not the soul heir to the world and the life that goes on here. We are merely participants on a equal basis to all other life form present on this Earth. We all have to share the air we breathe, the water we drink and the clay that is our fabric. Actually in my honest opinion we are the lesser intelligent ones. We are the ones judging intelligence on merely human activities alone. Yet we are the ones ruining our own ecosystem. That does not exude intelligence to me.


So why are we all gathered here on Earth then? What do we each and one of us, animal and human animal, have to give and teach to each other? We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we fit in to the natural order of things...if we want to that is!


I encounter many different of our animal brotherhood every day. Some have a singular voice, a unique personality. I find no one way that they communicate with us. Some have figured out to hack into the human thought field and speak to us here. Others engage responses in what I call the unified field of communication. Yet others are more silent and more mysterious in their communication. There are also groups of animals where I have not yet encountered a singular personality but only a collective species communicating as one. It is as different and blurry a field as every human’s individual way of communicating on this Earth.


I will share my stories of interaction with you here and hope to spark interest enough for you to begin your own investigation. However, one word of warning here is eminent-RESPECT! Respect who ever you come across! Don't drag them into your own power games. Don't ask slugs not to be slugs or tigers not to be tigers. Don't ask them to go against their natural inclinations or nature and always, always, always respect a wish for non-communication and turn away.


Welcome to the world of the alive and sentient, interesting and magical, deceiving and cunning, and loving and funny world of all living things. With love

A conversation with our animal brothers!


Wild HorsesThere is an accord between animal and man. There is an accord between the bacteria, the squirrel, the tiger, the whale and man. But man has for thousands of years suffered a disconnect. We have rendered ourselves out of this accord with our animal brothers and we seem unwilling to pick it up again, though the invitation stands openThe Longing of Man



A poem on the ancient governance we still have with our animal brothers but we seem to have forgotten our part in it: Read the poem here!  




Horse powerThis horse has caused my friend some worry as it sometimes can prove to be somewhat of a nuisance. It follows some of the other horses around nipping at them. Sometimes he displays this behaviour constantly for extended periods of time; The Wound of a Gentle & Loving Spirited Horse



Fox JumpHere is a small take on the boldness of fox, yet it is rare to see him in his guise of confident these days as he so often, unfortunately, hides in the shadows of out suburban life with his ragged deceased coat: A Foxes Welcome



Last RhinoYou're looking at the very last male of the species of Northern White Rhino, above, he has armed guards 24/7 to try and keep him safe- but to what end! We have acknowledged that we need to mutilate him by cutting off his horns because if he keeps them- it's like putting a gun to his head. But look at him, this gentle giant; with sadness written in his eyes and flesh. I cannot blame this species for not wanting to be a part of this Earth community anymore; I can not blame them for their decision to leave: When the last Rhino is scheduled to leave!



Northern HarrierLet me ask you something…have you ever wondered if the raptors, the big birds of prey, like--Eagle or Harrier--notice you as an individual and track your whereabouts? I'd never thought of it myself, that is, until one day when I came back from a visiting my favourite place in the nearby forest; Big Brother Watching



Falcon What are we doing to a specific animal and a specific species when we take hostage its power in order to yield it in our quest for greed and commercialism?: #14 Monday Morning Coffee Post


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