The Elemental Forces are beginning to awaken the dragons that are needed to clean the land!

The elements are some of the rawest forces on this planet. They are ancient beings moving and shifting through the eons of this world. They are the makers of life and they are the takers of life. In their belly we are regenerated; taken a part and put together again. They are the main governmental forces of this world, answering only to the heart of the world and they are in service to the greatest good of all. At this time they are beginning to wake their dragons once more. A slumbering peaceful dragon is a beauty to behold and supporter of the land and the life that goes on there. Though it is slumbering it is aware of what goes on, it is a part of what goes on. A dragon awoken out of the elemental forces need to regenerate what is not working any more, is a very different experience; extremely destructive with no regard for individual life, just cleaning out what causes the threat to the whole but the destruction is real at this point, taking very little in regard, except for the survival of the planet- still beautiful nonetheless.


However the heart of the world still has a small hope that the destruction of all she has song into existence through millions of years will not be lost once more. She feels the despair of creating so much beauty just to see it lost and she is not certain that she can or want to do it once more. She is asking us to find our rightful place amongst things.


She is asking us to honor the Elements of this world as the rightful makers. She is asking us to step into relationship with them once more, not as kings or queens but as humble servants that will help protect all of life. On this page you can follow and join the conversation with the forces of the governing elements- attuning your ear and heart to their calling, to their nature, to their wisdom.


Thank you for being here

The conversation With The Governing Elements!

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