Go lie your Heart at the ground and you will hear!

The heartbeat of the world singing through your veins and dancing in your breath. She is a living spiritual being in her own right, creating all of the Earth in and out of existence over and over and over....

She is our body and we are her soul. She is stuck in a destructive nightmare and yet her beauty never resides. She is the passion of our birth and the reaper of our lives. Yet we honor her no more. We have forgotten that without her, we would not be here to experience the wind on our skin and the roaring sound of the waterfalls. We could not feel the warmth of an another humans heartbeat or their laughter in our ears. Yes we are also more than her; we are also our own singular souls of sorts. She does not want to deny us that on the contrary, she is nourishing that very part of us because it is that part that is keeping her alive. Without it she will go into darkness, without it she will be lost. Yet we are caught with her in the destructive development of society, we are caught in power and greed. We need to go down to lie on the ground, to feel her skin with our naked body and listen for her song and the song that we are apart of. We need to develop it with her, to dance in tune, to cherish her being and to cry her tears. We are in our humanness part of the fabric of existence for the very short moment that we are here and we need to honor that. We need to remember that we asked for it; we asked to come and help her at this time. We need to rember that she is Angel Earth

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